Physiotherapy is a medical health profession that diagnoses and provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. Treatments are provided when movement and function are affected by sport or work related injury, car accident injury, aging, long periods of inactivity, disability or disease. Treatment aims to reduce pain, improve movement and function. Physiotherapists help people gain as much movement and physical independence as possible so that they can resume their normal job or lifestyle. They also deliver patient education and help people avoid injuries and maintain a fit, healthy body, and enhance their quality of life.

Physiotherapy is beneficial for injuries of the spine, joints, muscles, tendon and ligament injury. Treatments can include hands-on techniques such as joint mobilisation, manipulation, functional massage and stretches. Dry-needling, electrotherapy like ultrasound and interferential are also often used for pain-relief.

Exercise prescription is an important part of physiotherapy treatment. Exercise can be given to improve strength, flexibility, balance, lungs and heart function, stability of the spine and co-ordination. Rehab exercises are also important part in the rehabilitation after injury or post-surgery like fracture, stroke and knee/hip replacement surgery to gain functional mobility level in daily life.

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