Han Ju Kang - Principal Physiotherapist

(Registered, APA member)

Han Ju Kang is a South Korean physiotherapist with two physiotherapy degrees from South Korea and Sydney, Australia. He has many years of experience working in private practices, a military hospital and major hospitals throughout both countries.

After finishing his second semester in Master of Manipulative Physiotherapy at South Korea, Han Ju decided to migrate to Australia to widen his understanding in the physiotherapy field. He had the opportunity to learn orthopaedic manipulative physiotherapy techniques from various well known physiotherapists and international institutes. Since then, Han Ju has achieved a promising start in his career.

Han Ju has always been interested in manual therapy, specifically with musculoskeletal injuries. It all started when he was attending the international conference of Kaltenborn-Evjenth orthopaedic manual concept in 1996. He is also interested in sports injuries, specifically in baseball and soccer. He tried to enhance his interests by joining physiotherapist groups, local soccer clubs and baseball teams.